What They’re Not Telling You About The Dark Tower Lawsuit

You may or may not have heard that Stephen King has been sued. TMZ reports that The Dark Tower lawsuit alleges that King stole his idea for The Gunslinger, Roland Deschain, from a comic book/magazine entitled The Rook. The lawsuit claims $500 million in damages. There’s a lot that they don’t tell you, despite an apparent ability to do so. What follows in this article should not be construed as legal advice. Rather, it is intended to be a more thorough telling of the story thus far.

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An Analysis of Stephen King’s Cain Rose Up

cain-rose-up-facebook-1-5908a6387b28a-1024x535 An Analysis of Stephen King's Cain Rose Up

Last Updated May 2, 2017

When Ubris published Stephen King’s Cain Rose Up, an early short story within King’s body of short fiction, the timing was odd. The nation was only around one and a half years removed from the University of Texas Tower Shooting. The real act was committed by 25-year-old student Charles Whitman. There is not much doubt about the relationship between the mass shooting and King’s fictional Cain Rose Up.

This is meant to be a detailed analysis of the fictional short story. This story appeared in the University of Maine’s literary journal in the Spring of 1968. Any analysis of it must begin with a brief look at school shootings.

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Stephen King Short Stories: A Complete List

short-stories-facebook-1-5908b4b33a40f-1024x535 Stephen King Short Stories: A Complete List

This post contains a complete list of all Stephen King short stories. The list is somewhat expanded to include all poetry and short fiction, including novellas.

Stephen King’s short fiction writing has been downright prolific. He continues to publish short stories or novellas multiple times per year, and when King was first published, the short story is the form that it took. If you are leaving short fiction out of your examination of Stephen King’s career, then you are missing a huge chunk of that career.

King’s short works include short stories, novellas, poetry, screenplays, plays, and even teleplays. Some were published but never collected as part of his several short fiction collections. Some were published and then incorporated into novels.

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A Complete Guide to Stephen King Internet Resources

internet-facebook-1-5908acc4b9a87-1024x535 A Complete Guide to Stephen King Internet Resources

Last Updated: March 12, 2017

There are a lot of Stephen King websites. Some have been created and gone inactive. Some have histories over 20 years long. King started his career in writing over 20 years before the mainstreaming of the Internet. A wealth of free resources for learning more about King and his family exist on the Internet today. This page is meant to be an ongoing guide to those websites, blogs and podcasts. Each page will be listed below, along with a link and short description.

I am obviously not going to be able to list all worthy Stephen King websites on a first, second, or even third attempt. That is where my readers come in. If you see a website or blog that should be listed here, please either comment or email me at Aaron@StephenKingUniverse.com. If I find it worthy, I will include it here.

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A Review of Stephen King’s First Short Story, The Glass Floor

the-glass-floor-facebook-1-5908ab6449353-1024x535 A Review of Stephen King's First Short Story, The Glass Floor

Last Updated May 1, 2017

Stephen King’s first professionally published short story is 1967’s The Glass Floor. Any exhaustive review of Stephen King’s short fiction should begin with it. Startling Mystery Stories purchased it for inclusion in their Fall, 1967 edition. King recently turned 20 years old at publication, and he wrote it the summer before his 20th birthday. Impressive as it is to be professionally published at 20, The Glass Floor‘s publication history seems to indicate that King himself does not think highly of the story.

The-Glass-Floor-Startling-Mystery-Stories-No.-06-347x500 A Review of Stephen King's First Short Story, The Glass Floor
The cover of Startling Mystery Stories from Fall, 1967, where Stephen King’s first ever professionally published short story, The Glass Floor, appeared.

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